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Microsoft'slack of compatibility between Win7 and Outlook 2002

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November 17, 2011 6:11:31 PM

I just looked at a thread where a person complained that there is a known incompatibility between Win 7 and Outlook 2002, namely that Outlook would not save passwords in the Win7 environment. Microsoft has offered no solutions and the tenor of most of the replies was that the complainer should just quit whining and upgrade.

These answers are just arrogant nonsense. The fact that people don't want to or can’t afford to upgrade is beside the point. The software was purchased and the purchaser should have every expectation to be able use it, especially within a monopoly OS. The problem is that Microsoft doesn't support their software and actively (criminally?) plans their obsolescence so that people will be forced to upgrade. This is mere to pad their profits and does not serve the society in which they operate as an exclusive franchise.

Here is my solution. If a software company stops supporting their software, then they should be forced by statute to open the source code.

Any arguments against this are purely fatuous

They may claim that they are protecting source code, but if this is so, then the new upgrade is just a minor adjustment and not a substantive upgrade to the code. Minor changes to inventions are not worthy of patent protection under patent law. They can’t have it both ways.

Their attempt to force upgrades whenever they introduce a new OS cries out for protection under anti-trust laws. Microsoft does not have the authority or the right to pad their profits by planning obsolescence into systems that they monopolize. If they don’t want to support old software then let them turn this task over to competitors. This is the meaning of patent law, to allow innovations that serve the interest of society.

This is an industry that is out of control and needs fixing. Their control of the OS places a huge and unnecessary cost burden on the middle class throughout the world. This is a drag on the entire economy and adversely impacts our society in numerous ways.

It’s time to get a handle on this issue and force some social responsibility.

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November 18, 2011 2:39:35 AM

GuyHHD said:

The software was purchased and the purchaser should have every expectation to be able use it,

Was windows 7 listed as a supported operating system when you purchased the software?

Yes that is rhetorical; you're talking about a piece of software that was 8 years old when windows 7 came out and you think that just because you're too frugal that Microsoft is at fault? In this case "you're" is a disambiguation of the subject individual who's cross you seem to bear; your poly-semantic and rather ostentatious rant I hope is the product of some drunken rage.

If you don't like it try windows live mail, or some other open source non-brand name client.

November 19, 2011 12:08:56 AM

Obviously you don't have the wit to engage in a serious discussion
November 19, 2011 2:20:26 AM

Ignore my point and commence with the sophomoric personal attacks. The second last refuge of a man with no argument.