Which IPS LCD Monitor?

I am interested to (finally) replace my CRT screens. I have seen many LCD screens but I have never seen any that have the image quality of my old CRTs. Seems the LCDs aren't as sharp or as stable as my CRTs. I am told that an IPS LCD should be as good as my CRTs.

I presently use two 17" screens side by side. I was thinking of either two 23" screens or perhaps 3 screens if I could find 19" square LCDs.

I found this http://www.amazon.com/ViewSonic-VP2365WB-23-Inch-IPS-Monitor/dp/B002R0JJYO which looks very nice--the 90% rotation sounds great because I might POTENTIALLY want to use the screen standing up--perhaps even 3 of them together then would work. I found this page of reviews http://reviews.cnet.com/2795-3174_7-318.html?tag=mncol;txt but the prices are far more than that Amazon price.

Anyhow any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. You are kinda comparing apples to oranges. The Viewsonic you selected uses an e-IPS panel which is an "economical" version of the more expensive IPS panel (S-IPS and H-IPS). Traditionally, IPS panel monitors are generally the most expensive monitors that can be purchased. e-IPS was created to target price conscious consumers. For example, my 26" NEC LCD2690WUXi was about $1,300 and my Planar Px2611w was about $800; both use H-IPS panels.

    The offical Veiwsonic specs states that the Viewsonic VP2365wb has a response time of 14ms. That means it not use RTC technology (Response Time Compensation) to force pixels to respond faster (at the cost of a color accuracy). Nearly all monitors (especially TN panels) use RTC. Lower response times generally means less chances of seeing ghosting. The NEC EA231WMi uses the same e-IPS panel and also lacks RTC.

    Viewsonic specs:

    I recommend the Dell U2311H which also uses the same e-IPS panel, but since it uses RTC, it's response time is 8ms (better for gaming). The Dell U2311H is also pre-calibrate, meaning the colors are pretty accurate for something that rolls off the production line. Of course the color accuracy can be improved upon, but you will need to purchase a colorimeter to do so.

    Here's a review of the Dell U2311W:

    Here's a review of the NEC EA231WMi:

    S-IPS and H-IPS monitors are more expensive because they are more costly to manufacture. They also offer better color accuracy than e-IPS panel, better blacks, and probably better viewing angles. Addtionally, response times are generally a little better. My NEC has a response time of 6ms, and my Planar has a 5ms response time.
  2. A good CRT can beat the best LCD monitor. The difference between the two technology is that wide. However, CRT is out 'cause it's power hungry and takes up a lot of space.
  3. jaguarskx said:
    A good CRT can beat the best LCD monitor. The difference between the two technology is that wide. However, CRT is out 'cause it's power hungry and takes up a lot of space.

    Interesting. My CRTs are around 10 years old, but they still work fine. I would upgrade to get more screen space. I don't play games nor even watch movies really--I am a web developer and I use this machine just for work.

    Someone else recommended that same Dell monitor, interestingly enough. Now I must just decide if I can fit two of them on my desk. :)

  4. Even if you are not gaming, I would still recommend the Dell since overall, it has better reviews than the NEC I mentioned. I have not seen a review on the Viewsonic.

    Additionally, Dell tends to have sales every now and then so if you can wait, then you can probably save as much as $50 on each monitor. Check Dell's every week to see if there's a sale or promotional discount. Thanksgivings is coming up, so....
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