Random restarts

So, I recently built a new rig, worked fine for quite a while and recently I've started to have random hard restarts, my specs are as follows.

Asus Rampage II extreme,
Corsair XMS3 CM3X2g1600C9 (2gbx3)
GTX 470,
WD caviar black 1TB,
I7 930 2.8ghz stock.
Evo-blue 650w(the only thing salvaged from my last system)

Its not an overheating problem, nor is it a ram problem either after testing with memtester, its not a problem with the hard drive. I dont think my CPU or GPU are at fault here so I'm left to believe its either the motherboard shorting or the PSU isn't enough.

The error I get is a Kernal-Power event 64, whatever triggers it seems to do it before anything can be written into the minidump by the looks of it.

What do you lot think?
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  1. On the basis of probability and cost, I'd look at the PSU first.
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