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I bought gt240 ddr5 by using all my gathered cash (i'm 16). but the problem is that its 512mb so i'm having problems at high textures.

1.do u think i chose a bad choice i.e 512mb cuz games will soon cross 512mb as their min requirement, no?
2.whats the solution and if u think i should change then what should i buy?
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  1. well what games and what res do you play it could simply be the 240 doesn't have the horsepower to muscle through them
  2. GT240 isn't going to take full of 1GB VRAM, so you'll fine with that 512MB version, don't worry about that, my friend... :)
  3. most prominent problem is in cod6. its not the fps, i get 50+ at 1440x900 (i dnt think resolution helps with vram shortage?) which is more than enough for me but at high textures the game stops for a few seconds after every few seconds... :(
  4. if this is a computer you put together it may simply be that the cpu is downclocking to it's power saving state which isn't enough to run the game then realizing it can't and clocking back up. at least i had a similar situation, if you know how go to the bios and disable cool n' quite if your amd or speedstep if your intel
  5. although it is assembled i dont think that it is facing such a problem...anyhow i tried ur suggestion bt didn't help.

    by turning off anit-aliasing the game was much smoother

    but the proper solution was by lowering the texture from all set to "extra" ,changing specular map texture to normal.

  6. Well a simple way to see for your self is getting GPUz and letting it log in the background.
  7. Timop said:
    Well a simple way to see for your self is getting GPUz and letting it log in the background.

    sorry i dont know wat that meant???
  8. you're going to want to get a program called GPUz you can just google it, and there is an option for record to text file, so GPUz will run in the background and tell you how much vram is being used or how much the GPU is being stress that way you can see which one is holding you back, a full vram or a maxed out core
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