Should I build now, or wait until June?

It seems that Newegg's Black Friday Deals are a real bargain. I already have a laptop that is sufficient for my purposes, but in June, I want to start playing some computer games & my laptop can't run any good games. I found a decent computer build for around $500 if I buy today. But, I was wondering if I should just wait until June to do a build (if it will be cheaper to do it then). I've noticed that computer part prices do not decrease substantially in a 7 month period (IMO). I have all the peripheral computer parts (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers). Maybe, I'm wrong. Just wanted to know what you guys think.

Should I buy now, or will I get more bang for my buck if I buy in June 2011?
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  1. Everything will be different in 7 months. Sandy Bridge from intel is just around the corner. and gpus are always changing. Basically its up to you if you want the computer now or later. If you wait 7 months you can probably buy a computer for the same price with better performance. I am assuming the the prices for the I5 and I7 will go down after sandy bridge. and the gpu prices will drop by then too. But keep in mind that there will be better parts out in june for the same price you could build your pc now.
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