poor poor performance under windows xp please help

I just did a clean install of winxp and my frame rates have dropped 50 frames from where it was when i had windows 2000 pro installed...i thought that xp was supposed to be a good gaming platform....

it was 250 at 640*480
now its 202.8 fps at 640*480

the operating system runs great but the gaming totally blows a wad!! any suggestions or anyone with the same problems?
im running nvidia 21.83
geforce 2 ultra
amd athlon 1.2 @ 1403
512mb pc 2400 corsair
hercules fortissimo II
wd 60gb
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  1. lol, since when is 200+ fps poor performance? All that means is that nVidia's current drivers aren't as optimized under WinXP as it is under Win2000. DO A REAL TEST FIRST! RUN AT 1024*768*32 bit!!!

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  2. lol, since when is nVidia's 21.83 drivers aren't optimized for XP? They say that their new drivers for XP are even better than those for win2k were even for win2k. DO A REAL TEST FIRST! READ THE ARTICLES!!!

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  3. Since when has it mattered about at 50 fps difference at 640 x 480. Try testing at a higher Res like 1024x768. If theres a difference there, then bitch.
  4. everyone bitches about trying it at a higher resolution....of course I have tried and there it has been alot worse also for ex
    1024*768 before 212
    after 178.6

    why do people have to get this big ego thing on here like they know so much more than the other person does when they dont even know who they are?....lets just let this post serve its purpose and that is to answer questions eventhough if they are stupid questions...besides think...if it is making that big of an impact (under hardly no video card load) at that low of a resolution then think of how it will affect higher resolutions....purely tests cpu utilization and drivers....so there is a point in a test of this type ...
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