Asus Ati Radeon HD 5870 v2 1GB, GDDR5, 256-bit, PCI-E

The card came with two cables and there is one 2x3 place and one 2x4 place on the back of the card so can I connect the card to my psu by connecting one of the cables which has two molex places in the other end with three pins in both of them and the other end has a 2x6 connector. Then I need to connect the 2x3+2 pci-e from my psu to the 2x4 on the back of the card. So do I need the excess cable that came with it that has two 2x3 in the other end and one 2x4 in the other or am I able to connect the card without it?
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  1. Couldn't edit but the double molex connector has 2x3 in the other end and not 2x6
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