Thermaltake litepower 700 W

I´ve just bought a Thermaltake litepower 700 W, would it handle a Geforce GTX 460? Is it a good PSU?.

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  1. in the $500 gaming build presented by tom's hardware they proposed that graphics card with a 380 W PSU, so I think that yours would handle it. but i'm relatively new to all this myself
  2. i would personally choose another PSU but its an OK PSU and more then enough power to run a single GTX460

    *edit; actually it has crappy efficiency. you would be better off getting a solid 500w unit for a similar price if you can return that PSU
  3. I could change it for a Corsair CX 430 , (it´s 15 € cheaper), of for a Corsair CX 500 (same price )since my gpu is just a 4770.
    Should I change it?
  4. i would personally go for the corsair CX500. it has more then enough power to run just about any single GPU card out there.
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