Bought all the stuff..You think it will all fit together?

Hey guys, just wanted to get your thoughts on this gaming rig I am assembling at home. I have purchased all these parts and hope I don't run into any compatibility issues. Please let me know what I am forgetting and if you notice any glaring compatibility issues. I don't have a video card picked out yet, so I haven't listed any.

o Thermaltake LANBOX Lite Micro ATX Case (supports full ATX PSII PSU but only mATX boards)
o Kingwin Mach1 800-Watt Power Supply (Please check it out and make sure I didn't screw says ATX/BTX but it has modular cabling so maybe it has compatibility for both? I'm not sure..) here is the link:
o ASUS Maximus III Gene LGA1156 Micro ATX Motherboard
o Intel Core i7 870 Lynnfield 2.93 GHz LGA1156 Quad Core Processor
o Corsair Dominator 8GB (4x2GB) 240-pin SDRAM DDR3 1600 PC3 12800 Memory
o Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0GB/s 32MB Cache 3.5” Hard Drive
o Sony CD/DVD Burner Black SATA Lightscribe Optical Drive

Like I said, I'm a little nervous about the PSU/Mobo/case combination. Here's links for all three:




I appreciate any wisdom you can share.

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  1. Yes, they will all work okay in your case, though the Kingwin was not the best of choices though (overkill for a mATX case & not the best of brands either :( ).

    I would of choose to go with a 4GB setup over 8GB since very few systems truly need 4GB or more. As for you system, I would look at a Nvidia GTX 460 1GB, which will work nicely with your overall system.
  2. Thank you ..I'm glad I didn't screw up big's been a while since I've built one and things have changed rapidly as with all aspects of the technology sector.
  3. Well, might have been a good idea to check here first lol. Here's what you would have heard:

    PSU: Stay away from Kingwin. Use a high-quality, $60 Seasonic $520W instead. The Kingwin may work OK because you aren't going to be asking much from it. (you're not going to crossfire/sli in that case, right?)

    Memory: We would have advised 2x4GB if you wanted 8GB. Its less load on the mobo, and often new builds boot up with less difficulty. Plus it leaves open spaces, sometimes useful for cooling, expansion, etc. Also, unless you are OCing (not cool in your choice of case and stock cooler) you really won't notice 1600 cl9 or 1333 cl9, except in your wallet.

    HD: At 1tb, we prefer Samsung Spinpoint F3.

    Vid card: If you are gaming at 1920 resolution, you want 460 1GB or 6850 . . . or better. You don't want to rely on sli/xfire in that case.

    All in all, not bad, except for the worrisome psu.
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