Computer dont boot using disc or bootable usb

i have a Gigabyte EP35 - DS4

and when i try to install a OS on the harddrive it wont read from CD or USB..

the DVD with windows is original and works fine.

i have set boot order and even tryed pressing F12 and select cd (same with USB install that i tryed)

but still it wont even spin up more then like 1second and then just stop and continue to "insert proper boot blablabla..."

i have tryed IDE and SATA dvd drive and the drives are detected and shown in the BIOS.

so annyone have anny idea?

(i have tryed starting with only my screen cable connected to and still it wont show "press any key to boot from cd")
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  1. Is your CD/USB bootable? :)

    Go into BIOS and select the first boot device as CD permanently and see if it works.
  2. yes its original windows 7 disc... and i made a bootable usb with that disc on my laptop.
    tryed if it boots on my laptop and it works there...

    i have tryed this then it just says no bootable device press controll alt del to restart.
  3. Well then go into BIOS and select the first boot device as your CD drive then insert the CD and then restart and see if it detects.
  4. uhm... i have tryed this?
    and it says as i typed befor "Booting from CD/DVD:_" and then jumps to next thing on list without bootin from CD
  5. Hmm... strange! Is your DVD drive ok? Skip the CD and try a few times with the USB.
  6. its working fine i took it from another computer that is running and working in my home.

    i will try a few times more with USB when i come home from work..

    it can detect my DVD drive in bios and reports correct there so should not be that it needs drivers for it either
  7. Even my DVD drive is detected by BIOS, but it doesn't work! :)

    Only thing i can think of with the DVD drive, is that change the cables or switch to a different SATA connector on the motherboard.
  8. i will try that to when i come home...
    the cables are new so nothing wrong on them :)

    but i will try diffrent ports :)

    Thanx for your tips sofar
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