Intel Core i7-970 build from CyberPowerpc for under $1500

Anyone able to configure an acceptable Intel Core i7-970 build for under $1500 after 5% off and including shipping and windows?

I've got an LCD mon and Logitech Z-2300 THX-Certified 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer; I need everything else. I also want bluetooth compat with my smart phone. Am I better getting bluetooth elsewhere?

What is the best build you can come up with???
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  1. Only CyberPower? How about AVADirect, they seem to be cheaper?
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    Maybe even build your own to save more money? Whats the computer going to be used for anyways? If gaming, you don't need a $800 processor.
  3. Core i7-970?

    Thats total useless to be honest, with the exception of server apps.

    Even then, Id rather a rackmount dual i7-930 based server for the same price (In reality, much less) .
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    I'd go 950, it is like 20$ difference.
  5. Sure man. Usefull if the server board is intel based and cant oc.
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    Only CyberPower?
    Also Try and =D
  7. Those arnt good websites, just build it yourself.
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    Those arnt good websites, just build it yourself.
    We already recommended that, I was suggesting more sites.... ibuypower and Cyberpower and about Equal....
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