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So i currently have a phenom 9850 clocked at 2.9 on a msi 785gtm-e45 AM2+ with an evga 460 gtx SC. I know the cpu bottlenecks the gpu hard but its playable for the moment. I was wondering if i should upgrade to an am3 cpu ( phenom 2 955 be) or get a new board and go with a 2500k from intel. The board only takes ddr2 ram and i was wondering if the 800mhz speed would bottleneck a 955 BE, the memory sticks are also value ram sticks. As of now i can afford to upgrade to a 955 but would have to save up a few months for the sandy bridge upgrade.
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  1. For now at 1440x900, but im planning to get a new screen with the upgrade, so at 1920x1080 soon.
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