Need help problem solving!

I'm currently trying to help my friend out with his wireless. We have the same EXACT wireless card, but this computer has a much slower internet connection. (about 75 kbp/s)

I'm running Windows7, he has Windows XP.

I'm currently trying to isolate the problem, but I can't figure out what it is.
Viruses? O.S. drivers? Newer vs Older computer?

Any help/suggestions are highly appreciated!

EDIT: My computer just got disconnected from his internet.
We had JUST replaced the router.....twice. ISP is Verizon.
The internet came back about 15 seconds later.
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  1. Still looking for help on this issue!
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    ahahahhahahahh I had this same problem... Try reinstalling windows.... worked for me... Google Windows 7 internet, a bunch of fixes there too.
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  4. Did that work?
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