5870 Eyefinity 6

Hey Guys,

I have recently bought the above card, and not realising at the time that they are not directly compatible with a VGA monitor, yeah stupid I know but I got a really good deal on this card, after installing it, I have run into the problem of getting a minidisplayport adapter to VGA and I bought the Apple one AFTER being told it would work, it does indeed work however, my current monitors native display is 1680 x 1050 and when I had my 9800GX2 installed, this was no problem, as I could easily change the settings manually even if windows did not recognise the resolution.

Now I have installed this card and the appropriate drivers try as I might, I cannot get my display to go above 1440 x 900, I have been told that this because the signal my monitor is recieving is not a digital one, and in order to do this, I needed to enable the GPU rendering in order to manually overide these settings but cannot due to the signal my monitor is recieving?! and what I actually now need is an Active minidisplay to VGA adapter, this is really frustrating as although I get a picture, it's not very clear where text is concerned (blurry round the edges) and it sometime flickers too, and inbetween loading games etc, my monitor says briefly no display signal, again not something I anticipated from just trying to better my rig LOL!!!

I do know there is nothing wrong with the card as a friend brought round his screen and connected it via his DVI port and it was fine, I guess all I need to know is the minidisplay port I bought from Apple non active and therefore no real use, and can ANYONE point me in the right direction regarding the correct adapter once and for all?!!! I live in the UK and have been researching online and have seen some Active Minidisplay port adapters on ebay which are officially given the thumbs up by ATI, I would buy one if I can be sure it's going to sort out my display problems, if ANYONE can point me in the right direction or have been in a similar position and let me know how they got round to solving this seemingly easy but totally frustrating problem!!!!

Thanks in advance!!!!!!
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  1. Unfortunatley the adapter will not work. in order for a display port adapter to work, it must be an active adapter or it isn't sending the coding that display port uses.
  2. I think this will put you in the right direction.
  3. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it, I have seen the AMD table of affiliated adapters before, however there all in the US, and although I can order one, I want one ASAP, it sucks that there not seemingly available here in the UK?!

    It's SO damn frustrating!!!!!
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