Graphics card failure?

I was playing a rather demanding game (Company of Heroes), on a GTX 8800 which is, even at low loads, a very hot running card (66-80 celcius per avarage)

There was sudden on-screen tearing of graphics which i never experienced before on this card, after a few seconds the screen went black, then gave a BSoD with a display device (or sth similar) error.

The computer reset, now it had onscreen artifacts (or well, all sorts of red and blue lines across the screen) and deformations in letters. It kept booting to a BSoD and resetting, going kind of in a loop.

I was able to run the computer again after about an hour without a bsod (took a break) but after watching a few videos it broke down to artifacts and a BSoD again. Havent been able to boot up to windows since.

Im pretty sure the fault is in the graphics card, but is there a possiblility it could be something else? Like the monitor or sth to do with the motherboard?
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  1. Try a different power supply prior to buying a video card.
  2. I have been using the setup for 3 years, pristine record. No random resets due to power shorts or similar occurances.

    Il see if i can test it though.
  3. Power Supplies do wear out eventually. HOWEVER... if you get BSOD and graphical distortions watching a video it's probably not the PSU. The video card draws a significantly different level of current when running at 2D desktop settings versus in game 3D settings.

    My guess is it's over heating in general, or it's failing. If your actual temps on the GPU are 66-80C like you stated in the OP, my guess would be a failing GPU or the RAM on the video card.
  4. Yes well, i just figured i cant test the graphics card separately, no other computers have 6 pin connectors in my house atm.

    I checked out the exact bsod message, it was:

    Attempt to reset the display adapter and recover from timeout failed.

    There are red stripes in columns/groups of 6 or 7 across the screen during boot, letters are distorted or wrong, just ineligible in most cases. Its a Seasonic SS-600HT PSU and its 3 years old, i would like to think it has not failed yet.

    Is it a safe bet to get a new card? Would the computer even boot up like this or have such distortions in case of a psu problem?
  5. Jerreece is right, it's DEFINITELY a bad GPU, either due to overheating or it's just plain dying.

    I'd advise getting a new GPU before yours goes completely kaput.

    In the case of a PSU problem, you probably wouldn't even get video (eg: fan on gpu would spin, but no display)
  6. Ok, i thought as much, but im not a complete proffesional so i thought i'd better double check, as i dont have the largest budget in the world incase i misdiagnose it myself.

    Thank you for your help and quick replies! Im really impressed with this site so far!
  7. If it was an inconsistent power issue, it could possibly still boot up, but that's hard to say depending on what's actually wrong with the PSU. If it just stopped outputting power over the PCI-E it likely wouldn't work at all and would cause a POST failure. Usually though if a PSU fails, it will often times just outright fail. In some cases with much fanfare. :)

    The Seasonic brand is apparently pretty good, so you have that going for you for sure.

    My guess is still the video card itself. You stated that you cannot try that video card in another computer. Can you put another video card in your computer though?
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