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HDMI from Radeon 5670 to TV doesn't work


I have an older (6 or 7 years?)HD tv with an HDMI port that works fine with HDMI input from my DirecTV box. I hooked it up to my PC's Radeon 5670 HDMI port using a standard HDMI cable. On boot up, I got a black screen with an "INVALID FORMAT" message. I disconnected the tv, hooked up my almost new monitor using the HDMI ports, and all was fine. I assume the age of my tv is the root of the problem. Is there some kind of converter I can purchase to allow me to use my older HD tv with my computer?
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  1. You should not need any sort of adapter for this to work properly. You may have to configure Catalyst to recognize you HDTV better (look in the display options area). You may also need to configure your HDTV's HDMI setup to work with your PC. I suggest you locate your HDTV manual to see what it says regarding connecting to computers.

    Good luck!
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I could not get into Catalyst (or anything else) while the tv was connected - there was only the blank screen. And, so far as I can tell, there is no way to configure a display in Catalyst if it is not connected to the PC. I will definitely pursue your suggestion about the HDTV manual.
  3. Can you connect to your monitor and HDTV at the same time? That would allow you to access Catalyst and troubleshoot the HDTV connection.
  4. Thank you for your continuing to try to solve this problem. I've tried with both connected, and just tried it again. I plugged the tv in and the Windows 7 desktop disappeared from the monitor, except for the wallpaper and the mouse cursor. All of the icons and the taskbar disappeared, and moving the mouse cursor to try to open programs produced nothing. Meanwhile, the tv has the "invalid format" message.

    Incidentally, I reviewed the tv manual and did not find anything helpful. The tv has a vga connector, but my graphics card does not, so perhaps I can get a dongle that will allow me to hook up the tv vga to my PC's DIV connector to help me diagnose what is wrong.
  5. Switch the order of your monitors. Sounds like the HDTV is display 1 and the monitor display 2. That will solve the icons/desktop issue. Then you will be able to get into CCC to muck around with the display settings. I think you are closer to solving than you realize.
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    Just to expand on ColGeek's recommendation, with both your monitor and HDTV connected (desktop background on the monitor and Invalid Format on the HDTV), right-click on the monitor's desktop and select, "Screen Resolution". Hopefully, the screen resolution window will appear on the monitor. If so, click on the "Identify" button to verify your monitor is identified as "2". If this is the case, there is an option below titled, "Multiple Displays". Change that drop-down item to "Show Desktop only on 2". This should get you your desktop icons and allow you to make the necessary changes to make your monitor the Primary and your HDTV the secondary displays.

    -Wolf sends
  7. Your recommendations worked! Thank you both. I followed Wolfshadw's detailed directions, got into Catalyst, used the "Extend" command, and Catalyst then recognized my HDTV. You two saved me grief and money!
  8. HOOAH!!! Good for you.
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