Cannot stabilize overclocking on latest drivers

The new 259.96 WHQL and 260.63 beta drivers are not proving friendly for overclocking.Anyone else experiencing this?.I have the gt 240 ddr5
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  1. Is a GT240 even worth OC'ing?
  2. yes it does give some difference in benchmarks
    like in final fantasy 14 --> you will score 300 more points after overclocking but ok yes in high resolution - not much difference.

    while I'm only playing at 1366x768 for the time being
  3. i hav the ddr5 version of gt 240 which has bandwidth of 54.4gbps almost the same as gts 450 so OC makes dramatic changes in performance.e.g

    so any1 plz help if u can...
  4. Since it is BETA there's bound to be some issues with it. Roll back to the previous driver and wait for another driver update.
  5. well the 259.96 WHQL isn't BETA - gives same probs
  6. Alright, you got me there.

    I guess roll back to the version that gave you the best OC for now until new drivers comes out.

    It could also be that your video card does not overclock very well.
  7. I don't wanna roll bac to further older versions coz the fps graphs with these new drivers r smoother n better.
    My card can be overclocked at max (640 frm 550)core,(1552 frm 1340)shader,(2110 frm 1700)memory without adding voltage according to articles on guru3d and many other sites reviewing the ASUS gt 240 ddr5
  8. Work at fine tuning your max overclock again with the new drivers.
    Your memory is stock@850 and you have it @1055 ?
    Put that back to 900 and just work on the core clock.
    Maybe the new driver is exposing more memory faults than earlier drivers ? What seemed stable is not always technically as stable as stock clocks or as the user believes.
    Its similar to a cpu overclock tripping rounding errors in prime95 but Windows appearing to run 'stable'
    Thats not a stable overclock.
  9. that ws d limits suggested by guru3d while I kept memory @ 925 only.Ok will try at 900.
  10. set memory clock to 900 frm 875 yesterday,ran FFXIV on low resolution.Went smooth and very well
    While the driver again crashed today while browsing in mozilla(multiple tabbing).
    However I jst restarted my PC ran the benchmark in both low and high resolution,with the OC settings unchanged.Nothing crashed.


    Note: FFXIV is a hecty benchmark and drivers always crashed before while running it on unstable settings.
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