Little help please.

First time poster long time sufferer :heink: , I need a little help. I have just purchased a lg 32 lh30(00) lcd tv, I plan to hook it up to my laptop using a VGA card and audio blah blah blah, the graphic card I have is a Mobile intel 945GM express chipset. Will this graphic card be suitable for this?, I don't plan any gaming on it, watch movies and the like is its sole purpose.
I dont have any cash to buy a new graphics card nor do I posess the skills to upgrade one son really its not an option. Any help or guidence would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well you can't replace your graphics card inside a laptop, you would have to buy a whole new laptop.

    As long as you have the proper connections in place I'm sure it'd be fine if it's just watching a movie.
  2. borisof007,

    you're a top man, thanks very much for your help and information,

    greatly appreciated.

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