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Hey Toms Hardware community, I'm working on my second build as my first was a little disappointing. I decided to sell it and start fresh. This time I would like to wait, save up the money and really research what I want. I'm looking for input on how to cut down the costs maybe and keep the performance. The build seems like it would be stable for almost any of today's demanding tasks and I would like this build for everything including game development...

This is the eloric build I took from Top five intel base gaming

Priced out in CAD : "I made a few minor changes"

any input would be great....

CPU: Core i7-950 ($293.99 ) *** Waiting for Sandy Bridge architecture ***

Motherboard: Gigabyte X58 UD3R ($219.99 ) *** Gigabyte gaming mobo, lga1155 ***

GPU: 2 X GTX 480s in SLI for ($880- $1000 *** Waiting for the new cards from ati and Nvidia ***

Storage, HDD: Spinpoint F3, 1 TB ($74.99

Storage, SSD: OCZ Agility 2 60 GB (184.99

RAM: Corsair 1600 DDR3, triple channel, 3 X 2 GB for 6GB total. 8-8-8-24 (153.99

PSU: Corsair 1000W HX series ($249.99 Canada Computers)

Heatsink: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 ($29.99 Canada Computers)

Case: Antec Dark Fleet DF 30 ($109.99 Canada Computers)

Thermal paste: MX-2 ($9.99

TOTAL: $2327.99


OS (OEM Windows 7 pro x64 bit ($150.99

Monitor ASUS VW246H Glossy Black 24" 2ms ($229.99

Logitech G510 Black 18 Function Keys USB Wired Game Keyboard ($140.00

GRAND TOTAL: $2848.89


*** Looking to hopefully cut the total cost and have better components, willing to wait for deals as well ***
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  1. Why not wait a month or so for Intel newer Processor's. You r spending so much, it would be wrong to have an old generation CPU and Mobo.
  2. Err the GTX 580 is considered a better but than GTX 480 and even then respectable hardware sites/reviewers are advising not to buy it immediately but await Cayman Pro/XT as it is over priced @@
    Meanwhile the AMD camp is gearing up for their own launches. The 6900 series is due to launch before the year is out, bringing with it AMD’s new Cayman GPU. There’s little we know or can say at this point, but as a part positioned above the 6800 series we’re certainly hoping for a slugfest. At $500 the GTX 580 is pricey (much like the GTX 480 before it), and while this isn’t unusual for the high-end market we wouldn’t mind seeing NVIDIA and AMD bring a high-intensity battle to the high-end, something that we’ve been sorely missing for the last year. Until we see the 6900 series we wouldn’t make any bets, but we can certainly look forward to it later this year.
  3. ^ Yet another point in favor to wait for a while !!
  4. mianmars said:
    Why not wait a month or so for Intel newer Processor's. You r spending so much, it would be wrong to have an old generation CPU and Mobo.

    I will not be purchasing anything before Some of this new stuff comes out. This is just a working ground so anybody helping me knows what they are dealing with and the price range I'm looking for ($2400-$3200 MAX!)

    I will for sure be getting the new gen Cpu and Motherboard, for Gpu's would the new cayman gpu's be extremely over priced and I could take advantage of the "older" 480's and 5970's technology which has mature drivers. or would one new 6000 series card or 500 series card be better option?

    I'm trying to get a really good rig at a some what reasonable price...
  5. If u r already waiting for new gen cpu's then we all will be able to see how the AMD 6900 series performs and is priced till then, in my opinion a single powerful card should be ur first priority even if it performs a little bit less then 2 480's etc.
  6. benson733 said:

    I'm trying to get a really good rig at a some what reasonable price...

    Then in that case we have to hit it where it counts then :lol: Since your needs aren't a.s.a.p i would see how the GPU landscape shaped out after Cayman
  7. If I could get all the new components coming in the first quarter of 2011, that would be just fine. I really want to do the research and get some opinions from you guys/gals. My last build had a bent cpu pin when I purchased it new and the performance was really sketchy and not right at all. So I'm a little skeptical in my second build. I really want to get it right.

    Based on what I have just learned in the past couple of days:

    -Sandy beach architecture is being released on Jan 5th and it should be the back bone of my computer.

    -Nvidia is what I should be using in my computer. (I am not a fan boy and I will put whatever performs better, the AMD 6900 or Nvidia 580 "not sure if Nvidia has anything more planned for the time being")

    -Purchase one high powered gpu and get another to double up later on.

    The end of Feb-early March is when I would like to have some form of desktop in my possession.
  8. Thanks for the solid input so far, its already got me thinking about ways to improve my build and looking into gpus a little more now that so much is going on with cpus and gpus lately.

    If anybody has some feedback for the other components to improve or cut cost it would be greatly appreciated...

  9. hmmmm? what?

    I'm currently looking at the Gigabyte X58 UD3R, it supports triple channel. But I'm waiting for sandy bridge and thats the price and feature range im looking for... Is the new sandy beach socket not an lga1155 which has one pin difference from the lga1366?

    I know I'll need a diff mobo and processor. My list is for reference of what I want from the new architectures...
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