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I'm trying to upgrade my video card to stay with my gaming, I play World of Warcraft, Counterstrike:source, Left4Dead 1&2, and anything else that catches my attention. I currently have an MSI NX8800GTS video card Over-clocked addition.

It's a rather bulky card and it was well worth the 60 bucks I paid for it. Like all good things, it's coming to an end.

My motherboard is ASUS M4A77d amd.

CPU is 3.2 ghz amd quad core black edition.

My case is an XCLIO Windtunnel Full Tower. So I have space for the card.

I was looking at the ATI 4870 1gb GDDR5. Is there another card that's better around the same price? And by that I mean from roughly $100-$175
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  1. A GTX 460 768 mb would definitely be suitable, unless you plan on going SLi in the future (you have an AMD mobo, so that's a big fat negative).

    What's your Power Supply?
  2. If you live in the US, then you should be able to find a HD 5770 for around $130 - $150 after rebate.
  3. GTX 450?

    I'm just throwing that out there, but it's not something i would buy. It's not bad (goes for about $130) and supports Direct x11. So it's a good decent card for new games - but if you really want a kick - well just up it to a GTX 460+. I got a GTX 460 and it just about rapes anything out there (of course i have it paired with a GTS 250 for PhysX) but it's a really good card. But that's already hitting $200+ for the GTX 460.
  4. There's some good deals out there right now for a cheap 460 that puts it at around $170:
  5. A 4870 is great for the price now that you can get them on newegg for $130. Still, if you can go up to $175 go for a GTX 460 as it's a bit faster and you get DX11.
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