ATI Radeon hd 5870 vs NVidia quadron nvs 450 gpu

What are the differences? Which is "better"?
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    Better in which sense..? Quadro is a workstation card and the HD 5870 is a 3D gaming solution..
  2. Thank you for the responses. As to the question of, better in what way, I would say that the application is more of a gaming one. However, it isn't a conventional gaming solution. There are computer generated graphics so close enough I guess. Thanks again.
  3. Go for a Nvidia Geforce video card.. Best suited for your purpose IMO..
  4. Instead of a 5 thousand series check out the 6000 series and the quadro is more of a video editing card.
  5. It is a conditioning system geared for military and law enforcement using a computer generated environment. A C.A.V.E. without the "virtual" component.
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