GTX 480 versus Quadro FX 1800 (or new 2000)

I'm building a computer that I'll be using for gaming and 3D modeling/rendering so I need a card that can do both, uh, awesomely. I've been going back and forth on this for the past week, reading a million reviews/forums/you name it. Anyone wanna weigh in?

No reviews out yet for Quadro FX 2000 that I can find.
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  1. Up front: I don't use that software, so take this FWIW.

    When last trying to help someone (in both cases using Autodesk Inventor) the concensus I gathered was that GTX cards were better and cheaper than the Quadros. Only at very high levels of complexity did the Quadros pull ahead. Obviously that would vary by which card from each family was chosen. The recommendation seemed to be go GTX, or buy used Quadros to make any available speed increase cost effective.

    Someone who knows more in this area may stop by to help. The best I can offer is the most useful info I found was on the forums for the specific software you are using.
  2. extra cost compared to the performance offered by qaudro's only makes them suitable in workplace environments IMO. as in, when someone else is paying for it.

    even if you have the cash to burn, its likely going to offer only minor improvements in rendering. while costing a butt-tonne more.
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