Weird ''can't boot'' problem


my computer is self-built and has been working for almost 2 years. Now, this morning I booted my computer, all my motherboard lights went on (this is normal and lasts like 2-3 seconds) but then instead of booting normally it just stayed in that state indefenitly, like it couldn't reach the second booting step.

I couldn't shut down the computer so I unplugged the power cord, replugged, now my computer doesn't even turn on, all lights are off (even the cmos light at the back of my computer).

I tried taking out the battery and putting it back in 2 mins later. Nothing.

My system specs are:

Gigabyte UD3R mobo
i7 950
4 gb ddr4
1000 W PSU

I'm really lost here can someone help? I don't have the necessary equipment to individually test the mobo and psu, should I just send my comp to a repair shop?

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  1. what brand model is your psu?
  2. corsair hx
  3. do you have another PSU to test with? i would use a different one on this system and see if it fixes it. if not, its a toss up between the MoBo and the PSU.
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