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Will a Thermaltake Frio fit on an Asus Sabertooth p67 motherboard along with 4 x 2G Corsair Dominator (tall heatsink) without touching the ram???
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  1. Before I'd get the Cooler Master Hyper212+ I'd opted on getting Thermaltake Frio and Corsair Dominator ram (yes the Tall Heat-Sink version) and from what I had seen on the forums they had a close fit. You will have to install the Ram first and then the HS so you can adjust the Fan higher then the Ram.
  2. Ok Thanks! i already have the Motherboard and ram and im awaiting the frio from amazon. i was a bit worried if i've made the right decision sine i only now realise that the measurements given for this cooler were only for a single mounted fan. i baught the frio because it fits and matches my case (thermaltake v9 black x)
  3. 37mm is the typical height of the lower fin on many of the larger HSFs thus with RAM heatsinks you usually end up losing the first slot so you need to use 2 & 4 slots.
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