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Sapphire VaporX 5770 1Gb - No sound Mobo

Just bought Sapphire VaporX 5770 1Gb, installed but the audio drivers from that graphic card took over my mobo integrated audio drivers. I want to install that back doesn't show up.

The gpu has hdmi for audio and will not use that out of the question. Need a fix for my integrated audio Realtek AC888.
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  1. Look for the mobo's manufacturer website an try downloading the drivers from there. Usually that's the quickest way.
  2. Installing the HDMI audio drivers shouldn't remove your onboard drivers, it may just set the HDMI audio to the default setting. Check in Windows and in whichever application you're using as to which source it's outputting audio to.
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    or that, lol.
  4. SOLVED! Its been fixed the same day I said posted. Many many people have these problems, it sets the HMDI as default and turns off your integrated audio.

    What you do is go to your bio settings and enable it. That's it! "It was set to auto for me" Only way to do it, trust me I have updated the drivers, removed it and reinstalled it, disabled HMDI support, out of google the only post I found, only one was enable it from bios. Now I'm here to share that
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