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Hp laserjet 1100 printer driver parallel to usb cable windows 7 32 bit

Hello, I have an HP Laserjet 1100 printer I am trying to connect to my new Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 32 bit OS computer. Drivers are installed and I have had this printer on other Windows 7 32 bit computers with parallel ports. The new computer does not have a parallel port visible, so I thought I'd try a parallel to USB cable and attack it from that angle. I plugged the USB end into the computer first and then connected my USB -> parallel cable to the printer's parallel cable. Windows 7 Devices and Printers now shows a IEEE-1284 Controller that wasn't there before. How do I make this device my primary printer?
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  1. It's a hard one since it is using other drivers, it probably is showing you them in the top bit with devices and not as a printer. That is what happens when you install a modified driver.

    You can try to select it and update that driver and then manually select a driver from the list or if it's possible use the original driver.
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    Do you have a device under your printers that show up as an unknown device?

    If so then you have to install the printer with the driver that you have, dont wory about getting it to work just yet just get the printer installed.
    When that is done you have to figure out what port the Unknown device is on. Once you have that you need to go into the printer that you created and change the port for this printer to the port for the unsupported device. Then test by printing a test page.

    If the Windows 7 driver is not available then try the Vista Driver. I work in IT and have to do this for some of the users.
  3. Never mind. We found the parallel port, right where it should be. I guess I should actually look at the back of a computer rather than reaching around and pluging things in blindly.
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