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i just got a radeon 4550 to go with the 27 inch lg monitor i got. i have a dell inspiron 530. there is a ridge on the back of the computer just on the top of where the vga/dvi connectors are. so the vga/dvi cables won't fit on there. i mean they don't go all the way in. has anyone heard of such a thing? this is weird and i'm quite sure it's the case itself and i'm wondering if i should mod this in some way?
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  2. Thanks Mousemonkey : )

    @Creamy, can you take a picture for us to see?
  3. I don't know what graphic card the OP actually has (4550 or 4650) so I left that bit as they have got to be pretty much the same. ;)
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    I have had some issues with low profile cards and the HDMI cable not fitting in all the way. I just took a dremel to the offending piece of metal..
  5. hey boris! sorry i didn't know this was changed to this thread. unfortunately no i don't have a pic, but i solved this by getting a new case and PSU. there's nothing like getting an excuse to get something you really want. antec 300 + antec 550 modular PSU.

    the prob is that this dell was bought at best buy. my guess is that they put this metal to 'protect' the computer from having a power hungry GPU destroy the 300w standard supply it comes with. it IS part of the case. the only way to change it would be to go at it with a pair of pliers or somehow cut it off.

    just above the pci-e slot there's a piece of metal that juts out to prevent the cables from being plugged into the GPU.

    i'm very happy with my new case and PSU which allows me to expand as needed in the future. but after this i know for sure that i will not ever buy a dell again.
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