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my name is omri
i wanted to ask if someone could tell me how to modify my memory through bios in order to change its speed to 1066 Mhz From 800.
I got 2 sets of memory cards :
1)2x2 GB kingston 1066MHZ xhyper somtething...
2)2x2 GB OCZ 1150MHZ.
Can i change them?
Look at this too - http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2068019
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  1. If you're asking for step-by-step instruction, you're going to have to provide your motherboard make and model. Otherwise, get into the BIOS; find the section where you can adjust your DRAM settings (this is often under a tab labeled "Advanced"); make the adjustment; save & exit.

    Note that increasing the RAM frequency also increases the CPU frequency, as they share the FSB. I also noticed that you're using two different RAM kits. You may encounter BSODs due to the mixed RAM. If you experience BSODs, try booting with just one kit. Finally, if you're not using a 64-bit OS, you won't be able to utilize the 8 GB of RAM installed, even if you don't get BSODs.
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