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Hi there,

I was just wondering if a 450w PSU adequately supply power for a 5750, 4gb ram and a generic quad core. The 450w is all that I have available to me at this time, so im just wondering about how well it will fare.
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  1. What kind of 450 watt PSU? You should be OK for anything but a noname generic.

    A 5750 is a pretty low powered card. It only needs 6 or 7 amps at full power.
  2. So I am looking at it now at it says 4A for AC input. 230v running at 60hz/50z. i dont have much faith in it atm lol
  3. Hmm do u know the model/make of your PSU?
  4. Its a generic brand. None that I can see.
  5. I would suggest investing in a decent 80+/80+ bronze PSU within your budget for peace of mind 24/7 ops
  6. I would rather be safe than sorry and get something a little more powerful and name brand, that way you have peace of mind and you have room to upgrade again.
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