I'm near assembly of a i7-950 Build . The new Build is for impoved hi def transcoding . I've been told GT240 ddr5 512mb will be eough w/ i7-950 chip.. THE e8400 2y.o. BUILD Will need or [ ZOTAC 460 S/P 336CORES] HIGH COUNT STREAM PROCESSOR CORES . IS THAT TRUE
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  1. The 240 will do what you want, but the 450 and 460 will do it faster. The question is, what is your budget? Buy what you can afford and have fun. Good luck!
  2. If the GT240 DDR 512B will not slow i7-950, I might use it. The alternent is a GTX9800

    S/P= GT240 98 CORES / 980GTX 128 CORES .. Til 460 S/P 333 COES DROPS LOWER,,
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    If you have the GTX9800 now, I suggest you try it to see if it delivers acceptable performance. If not, get the 450 or 460 when you have the funds. Good luck!
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