BFG GTS 250 OC lagging!

Hi, i have recently purchased a BFG GTS 250 OC version (factory overclocked).
My problem is, that no matter what game i play, I seem to lag like 10 minutes into it. Could this be because of my PSU?
I'm reaching temperatures of up to 85 degrees celsius, is this normal? Card temp is at 50 when idle.
Its a crappy 400w generic PSU with 24a on the 12v rail. Should i upgrade?

Also, im not running alot of Hardware on my PC.
DVD Drive

Thats it. Any help would be great thanks :D
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  1. Sorry, need more info: which cpu, how much memory, which OS.

    Also, please download and run CPUID's Hardware Monitor, watching cpu core and gpu temps. See if there's a heat rise (mostly on the core(s), but also on the gpu), and see if it correlates to your "lag".

    Finally, take a look at your memory utilization (Task Manager/Performance) when the system isn't lagging, and then again when it is.
  2. Amd Athlon x2 250 3.00 GHz
    2.00 gb DDR2
    Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

    I shall get downloading.
  3. OK, will periodically check back for results.
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