Thermaltake lite power 700 vs Corsair CX 500

I´ve ordered an old version of Thermaltake litepower series, the Thermaltake litepower 700, some people of this forum told me that it has only a 68 % efficiency and I should avoid it, so I´m going to change it and get a Corsair CX 500 (same price).
Would it be a good change=?

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  1. Better but it's part of the "Builder" series so it's not quite up to the quality of the Enthusiast (TX) series.

    The 600 watt model is actually cheaper ($45) due to the promo code (10% off w/ promo code PSU11FEB,):
  2. i don't think the OP is in the usa
  3. the cx500 is solid enough. it may be at the bottom of the corsair PSU family but it still beats a lot of 500w stuff out there. it will do the job just fine and is better built then that thermaltake junk. plus not everyone needs $350 80 platinum certified, fully modular, gold plated, diamond fan encrusted, PSU....I do ...but not everyone
  4. Finally I´ve decided to take this one

    Silverstone Strider Essential 500 W.

    In my local shop it has the same price as the Corsair Cx 500... (I´m in Europe...)
    It looks nice due to its 80 plus efficiency.
  5. silverstone has good PSU, its a good selection and should last you
  6. thank you¡
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