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I agree with but for some like me, I love playing games with hardcore graphics which means i could get the new GTX 480m triple sli but i also do heave 3d designing and thinking of getting instead triple Quadro FX 5800 cards. Falcon makes both of these types of desktops, and both are going cost me between 13,000-20,300. I thought quadro would be great for my work but i also a desktop to give supreme performance in gaming
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  1. I don't see a question here...

    Uh I'm guessing you want to know which will work best?

    Well, triple SLI 480s is ridiculously beastly. I honestly can't see an application having more than 2 will be all that useful, except for benchmarks and the occasional super heavy CUDA capable processing... if that's the case, then it'll be good.

    The problem with the Quadro cards is they are really tailored to those 3d design apps, and basically have no support for gaming. On the other hand, from the reports I've heard at least, gaming GPUs work pretty well for those design apps. So if you want to game on that machine, it's probably best to get the 480s. However, I do not know if they will support SLI GPUs or not, maybe it would be worthwhile to go to the forum of whichever program you're using and see if anyone is currently running that. Or, you could try firing an email off to Nvidia.
  2. With that much of a budget you should have more common sense. You need to skill up a bit and build the machines your self for a fraction of the final cost. Two way sli using two GTX 480 is overkill for most games and building a balanced workstation is important such as having 8gb or more ram. 3D rendering and modeling takes a decent and balanced workstation.
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