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Hi. Have a maybe stupid question, but is the graphic cards memory clock mhz related to what kind of dimm memory's u have? i'm asking this cause my video card should have 4000 Mhz but it shows me only 1200 MHz. have DDR3 on 1600Mhz dimm memory's installed... maybe it's right like it is..but seems odd to me, tho :(
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  1. No, your graphics cards memory, also known as Vram, is not indicative of what RAM your current system has.

    Your regular RAM in any desktop is regular dimm. Laptop memory is SODIMM, due to the form factor of laptops and smaller ram sticks.

    Lastly, your video card most likely has a multiplier, like GDDR3, which means it's 1200 mhz x3, which would be 3600. That, or your video card clocks itself down when it's not in a 3d application in order to save power. ATi cards are well known for doing this, and it's a great power saving feature (nvidia cards recently have started doing this too).
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