Connecting 5.1 surround sound system to my computer

Hey all,

Yesterday I bought a Logitech 5.1 X-540 speaker set for a measly $48 on sale and Im wanting to hook them up to my pc for proper surround sound. I currently only have the green 2-channel 3.5mm plug connected as my pc doesnt have the black (rear) and orange (center/sub) 3.5mm outputs that the speaker set also has as I am only using my onboard soundcard. But I did find a connector that im guessing connects to the motherboard to give me the extra surround outputs. So my question is, would I be able to plug this connector to my motherboard and then connect all three 3.5mm jacks on my speakers to my sound outputs on my pc so I am able to make full use of all my speakers?

Heres a photo of the surround sound connector I found lying around:

Heres my motherboard:

And the speakers:

Thanks :)
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  1. I'm confused; does your motherboard not have the necessary 7.1 jacks built right in to the rear panel? I haven't seen a mobo without 7.1 support built right in for years now...
  2. Get a sound card.. A cheap solution like the under mentioned will work out nicely -
  3. how does the surround sound connector you found interface with the motherboard?

    edit, I saw it above your hand in the pic. Thats the HD audio connector. Count the pins. I dont see a compatible header on the mobo.
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies. I tried plugging all three 3.5mm plugs from the speakers into the 3 sockets in the back of my pc (green, pink and blue) and even though the pink was marked as a mic input and the blue some other type of sound input/output, after fiddling round with the Realtek HD Audio Manager settings, I managed to get everything working :)
  5. gamerk316 :
    I haven't seen a computer WITH 7.1 channels coming from the Onboard Sound. Only with sound cards. My last two computers, one AMD, and the new one with Intel, both have the standard 2-channel sound. My last computer I was able to hook up my Creative Labs 5.1 system to it (without a sound card), and sound was "off the wall". The newer Motherboards I've seen only have the Onboard RealTek Chip which is manufactured with a defect. It only produces 2-channel sound (not 2.1 sound), and the software/drivers that "drive" the chip don't recognize any front audio panels on PC Cases. I'm going to be going the internal sound card pretty soon.
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