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i am thinking to use acronis to clone my current sys drive, so that i have two identical system drive. But can not find the answer on what will happen to my old system drive. Acronis asks to replace old system drive with the newly cloned. does this mean the old one can not be used anymore after cloning?
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  1. It won't be a bootable drive if that is what you mean. Everything will still be on it, it would be a nearly identical backup, sort of, with all your data and programs. Your OS license agreement prevents you from owning 2 complete, fully functional copies of the same OS unless you have a multi-user license. In order to make it work as your main OS drive again, you will either have to learn how to change the boot sector of the drive manually, or you will have to do a repair install of Windows on it. Whichever you do, it also will require reactivation.
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