Hi wondering about temps

Hi there i was wondering about my system i got
i5 760
8 gigs of ddr 3 1600mzh
gtx 460 1 gig superclocked
xultra 750 watt power supply
ga-p55a-ud3 mobo
1 tb 64 meg cache hd
haf 12 coolmaster case with 4 fans

Does anyone know what my temps should be around or about? seems like 29-35c on idles
gaming for like 4 hours went to 48c
running prime95 atm for about 20mins 50-55c
those seem right for having liquid cooling i never had Liqcooler... someone please tlel me lol sorry *(noobie)
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  1. bump..
  2. SHiiit dude it should not go that far up..
    first one: 20c
    gaming 4 hours: 30c
    stress test: 40-47

    and this is without watercooling i only got the 3 fans from HAF 922
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