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What's wrong with my system? AMD Phenom 2 + Jetway HA12

Back in March, I bought some parts and constructed a computer.

Jetway Hummer HA12 - Mobo
AMD Phenom 2 x4 955 - Processor
Kingston 3-pack of 2GB sticks (1333, 1.5v) - Memory
Standard hard drive from an older computer (Western Digital, I think)
Some CD drives, which are irrelevant here.

Anyway, everything worked fine until I upgraded to Windows 7 x64. I added the third stick of RAM to get some more speed, and I couldn't boot. That's fine. I went back to 2 sticks.

My problem came with booting about 3 weeks after the OS upgrade. All of a sudden, I can't even get to my BIOS menu without the entire machine freezing. I get D5, D9, E0, and a C6 error on my motherboard. How in the name of God did this happen? I am really hoping someone can help me out here. I have tried booting with a single stick of memory in each of the slots, and it freezes just the same (and I can't even start the boot if the single stick is in 3 of the 4 memory slots; I tried each of my 3 sticks).
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    Hopefully, it's the hardrive and not the motherboard that's failing. There's software from hardware manufacturers that can test your drive. I would start there, or simply order an oem drive from newegg for around $40. they have 500 gb drives at this price all the time as a shellshocker daily deal or online email promo, which you have to register to receive.
  2. Thanks! I will definitely start there!
  3. I'd also re-seat the RAM and Vid card then run Memtest86+ from a floppy, CD or flash drive if possible. You can try one DIMM at a time and if good, then two DIMMs at once.
  4. If you disconnect your hdd can you get to the bios screen then? If not then It's probably not your hard drive. Have you tried clearing the cmos by removing the battery? Give that a try. What power supply do you have? I don't see that listed. If you're using older hdd are you using an old power supply also? Might be the cause.
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