Looping Sound with no display

I just recently installed the Open Beta for Medal Of Honor. I was starting to play it and randomly my screen acts like it has no display, and there is a really fast loop in the sound.
This does not happen with just this game, it happens with all games I play except for Source based games.

My Specs are:

AMD Phenom II x4 3.2ghz
G Skill RIPJAWS 2 x 2gb
M4N75TD ASUS motherboard
1100W PSU
Striped 640gb HDD

I was assuming it was my video card, so I did the driver sweeper, but of course for my luck, it did nothing to improve.
I got this card as an RMA that replaced my GTX 275 Co-op since the co-op for some reason did not work on this motherboard.

I dont have the option of RMA'ing anymore, so I was wondering if my video card sure is failing, then I was just going to replace it with a GTX 460.
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  1. Question: Does your PC hard lock when this occurs? [IE: Do you have to do a 5 second power down?]
  2. Yup, once it happens, I have to turn the switch off on my PSU for about 5 seconds, turn it back on, and it's up and running again.
  3. I see this more often then not on nforce motherboards, much less so with AMD...

    Essentially, something really down deep in the mobo gets messed up, screwing up everything until a reboot, hard locking the PC in the process.

    If I had to guess, its probably a RAM issue; try some looser timings, and a little excess voltage. On my rig, I had to increase voltage to my CPU, RAM, and Northbridge, and clock my RAM into a 1:1 ratio with my FSB (which is a non-issue with AMD boards) to get stability.
  4. Well I put in my old 8800GTS and played some Medal of Honor Beta, and sure enough, it ran perfectly.

    So a bad video card is what I'm dealing with.

    I just purchased a GTX 460 1gb in replacement of my GTX 285, I'm sure I'll be more then happy with the GTX 460 as well as others are.
  5. I did try increasing voltages, I also slowed the times down on the RAM, but I still got lock ups.

    I've read from other forums that a lot of people were getting problems with their GTX 285.

    Thats when I decided to try my old 8800GTS.
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