My 2006 gamin rig took a poo. Time to rebuild??

Off the top of my head this is what I have

Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe mother board "is what went bad"

Athlon x2 5400+ "I think black edition" not sure

2G G-Skill ram, can't remember the speed but it the higher of the DDR-2

8800 GT 320mb SLI graphic card.

This set up ran me pretty decent back then, but about a year ago I blew the mother board up and with money so tight I haven't decided to rebuild.

Well after all this time their is so much more out now.

I was thinking about just replacing the motherboard but with ddr 3 out and priced not to bad, I was thinking about spending 4-500 on cpu-motherbaord-DDR-3- new Video card and probley a new power supply since mine is only a 450w if I remember right.

Soo my current thought was since the new boards are able to unlock extra course is it worth it to keep the am2 athlon cpu or upgrade? Most game only use two cores anyhow right?

If I upgrade I was thinking about the following

asus m4n75td for 99.99

phenom x4 940 black edition for 130

4gb of corsair ram ddr3 for 89 buck

and the geforce 460gtx 1gb for 209

and probley a 750w power supply for sli use later. Any thoughts?? could I do something a tad cheaper hense really gaming is the only thing I do, internet searching and burning dvds n such.
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  1. I've done my research first! I guess it paid off. Awsome
  2. I'm a little lost on the PhysX.. I think my card doesn't even handle any direct 10 x so I was thinking an upgrade to video card was a must plus the mother board is a PCI-E 16x 2.0 and this video card isn't the 2.0. still would work??

    So would I be good using the cpu-ram-motherboard combo and add another GTS
  3. Oh I like that power supply. I've added that to my wish list. Thanks

    Also how or what is physX?? Isn't that a graphic accelrator or somthing and how do I use it to benift the older GTS??
  4. Dude awsome post. Thanks a lot. I knew the gif of it but what I didn't know is I was able to use both cards together and use the gts as the Phys only! thats awsome. I will do some research on how to install that properly. Thanks for the heads up and thanks for all the needed info!
  5. If you have a microcenter around dude, go to them. They are like the walmart for computer parts. Right now, they are running a special, you buy an AMD processor, get a free or nearly free board. Like my buddy was thinking about buying an Athlon II quad core, and could have gotten an MSI board for 12.99. So if you have one around, definitely look into that, if you can save cash there, that will give you more money to put into your power supply or a new video card. Good recommendation on the power supply, corsair is supposed to be A #1 for power supplies now.
  6. Def don't have one of those on the east coast that I know of. For computer parts we go to the computer show that held twice a year but I have no clue when the next on is gonna be.

    Also one last question. Will the Athlon x2 5400 processor I have work with this mother board right now? Cause I'm trying to get my computer up n running now, so I was thinking about doing the motherboard and ram first, then the video card if the cpu will work.
  7. I've look at the specs, it says athlon II but it say am3 type cpu, Isn't mine the AM2? then they came out with am2+ then am3 so I guess I just answered my own question. lol
  8. I check the web site and its only for am3. I have found some boards that are am2, am2+ and am3 but non of them were somthing I am looking for.

    Any one have a good suggestion? I need raid, I would like the update *** with the hard drives like the 3/GBs and 6/Gbs and SLi
  9. Also is their a difference between sli and crossfire?

    ASUS M4A89GTD PRO AM3 AMD 890GX I found this board that supports am2 and am3. What do you guys think?
  10. Right now I think I have two 250 western digitals at 7500rpms sata type. I had them in raid config and for the life of me I can't remember what type of raid. I know it was the type that one write n one read or somthing like that and if they failed I lost all my information. Then I had a 500 single for storage. I haven't plained up updating them just yet but will next year.
  11. Ehh I'm just gonna go ahead and upgrade the cpu and and all. I will just cut out the video card intill next time. at least I will have it up and running.
  12. You should be fine with ur old card. My 9600 gt with my 5400 still does ok.
  13. Thanks guys. Well I hit some money playing texas hold em. So my new list is this.

    Asus m4a89GTD pro/usb3 890gx
    4 GB ddr 3 ram pc3 12800
    amd phenom II x6 Black edition 3.2 ghz
    and the msi gefore 460gtx card "heard the fans are amazing quite and runs freakishly cool"

    I mean for like 100 buck more I can get the x6 core and a better motherboard and went with the same video card since I have the gts already to run in sli. What do you guys think of this set up
  14. You cant run the 8800gts in sli with a 460, but you still might be able to use it for physx.
  15. Will the board I picked out work for sli?

    I was also looking at this board but it doesn't have some of the better options as the board mentioned above

    Oh I do still plan on using the 8800gts and I will do some research on how to use it for physx or sli mode.

    My plans are to be able to run in 3d with a 3d monitor and glass's n such
  16. Um you already posted this.

    I was asking which motherboard should I buy since I want to run sli

    Should I go with the Asus m4a89GTD pro/usb3 890gx

    Or should I go with the ASUS M4N98TD EVO AM3 NVIDIA nForce 980a SLI

    I'm not really sure which on to go, M4A89GTD has more options and is newwer but it seems as it doesn't run sli.
  17. Umm just something to think before you go with AMD. I hear that with SLI + AMD it's a bad deal. The 980a is a dead chipset basically and sucks with AMD chips, and AMD chipsets just don't work well with SLI. I suggest you look towards Intel imo.
  18. I will look into it but the price dif for an x6 against intial is a huge factor towards me. I have read on n off type things about the 980 chip, maybe I will just go the other motherboard. I don't have to do sli but it would be beniftal since I already have the 8800 but it is old so maybe I just won't use it.
  19. From what I've read on newegg people have had on n off issues. Is the other board I suggested a good board?
  20. Will a single 460gt card work in it though?

    Any one have suggestions to me then? Will the first suggestion be good enough for what I want to do?

    Basically which is kick ass graphics and gaming in 3d. I really don't do a whole lot, burn a few dvd and such nothing major though
  21. Sounds like the original plan is what I will go with. Awesome, thanks everyone. I will start ordering this weekend.
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