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About a year ago I built my PC with a Crosshair III Motherboard, AMD Phenom II 965BE cpu and 4GB (2x2) Corsair Dominator 16000mhz BEMP memory...(plus 5770 graphics and a corsair HX850 psu) in a nice little CM Storm Sniper Black Ed case... I have just bought another 4GB of matching memory but am having problems fitting it due to my ocz gladiator cpu heatsink... which at 120mm from rear to front (pretty standard size) covers up one of my DIMMS...can anyone recommend a cooler that will fit... as it only covers one slot its just less than 10mm extra room that I need...
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  1. Yep a CM 212+ will do nicely it's less then 80mm wide.
    If the closeset ram stick is too tall just slide the fan up or remove the heatsink top(two screws).
    It won't affect the ram stick.
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