Issue with my new build please help will provide more info

MK Power 750w Kingwing
Sabertooth X58
Hydro H50 in push pull mode.
6gb OZC memory
ati radeon 5770
CM Storm scout case

Hi there I am trying to get this to work, and am having issues. I recently built it a few days ago, and sort of at a loss here. See I connected most of everything, and that is it. I tried to power on, and the fans I had bought for the side panel lit up and spun once, then stopped. The stand by power led on the MBO is usually green, and on since the power plug is connected. I am wondering if I made a mistake somewhere? See I have the top fan, the front fan, and the rear which is where the h50 in push and pull is located. I recently bought two fans for the side panel. There are several three to four pin cpu fans on the mother board also, so I just put the fans for the h50 on those and tried to hook up the top fan to the psu and one of the side fans has a little adjustable fan controller along with power connectors, and a 3 or 4pin so I went and put that on the MBO too. But I am not see much activity from the board? could something be wrong?
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  1. Might be a RAM problem. unhook all fans and see if it do anything. try using only 1 stick of ram and see if that do anything. also motherboard dont support higher watts fans so check its manual u will find info in it.
  2. well it is only a 750 WATT one
  3. one of the fan is an antec 3 speed , (sorry I thought you were speaking about the PSU). Anyways the other is a coolmax on the side door also. The push pull fans are coolmaster sickleflow 120mm 2000 rpm.

    coolmasters x 2 are 4.2W each.

    antec tricool led has a three speed switch, and you can choose your power source, 3 pin connector or a 4pin adapter with power-pass through provided. no mention of it's watt it is 12V dc
  4. have u tried with all fans unplugged and ram sticks swapped etc ?
  5. ok new problem dram led is red ;/
  6. I fixed the previous problem the 24 pin ATX had an extra cable near it it says 4p and I had connected it also, and was why it wosuld not start up >:.
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