Get a 5770 at $130 or wait for the 6000 series

right now im running a nvidia 9600gt, runs the games that i have without a problem, but yes its getting old. my local frys electronics is selling a Diamond ATI Radeon HD5770 1GB for 170 or so and a 40 dollar MIR, taking it down to a total of 130. do i go ahead and buy the 5770 or wait and see what the 6000series brings to the table. my current specs are c2q 6700, stock speed, with 8 gigs of memory, and the already stated 9600gt.
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  1. Last thing i read on the subject was that there were going to be some price cuts when the 6 series launched so it may be worth hanging on for those .,news-34349.html

  2. For $130 I say its worth it.
    If you want to wait,you can't ever buy anything because there is always something new around the corner, so I say go for it,it will give you a great performance boost.
  3. I say wait the 14 days to see what happens on the price. Maybe the extra savings can go towards another PC part or a Higher grade part.
  4. I definitely say wait - it's not that long. If supply is an issue, maybe then go with your first choice.
  5. Wait for the 6xxx series, that price will drop even more and its not like DX 12 will be out any time soon, and at your budget you should really get that 5770 card.
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