[SOLVED] PC keep restarting after several hour running

Hi All,

I have problem wih my PC, I dont know why it keep restarting after several hour ( 5-6 hours) and can't go in to the window anymore ( stuck at window repair / start window normally, if i enter either one it will keep restarting also ) and need to hard shutdown by turn off the power and let it off for a while (1 hour) and then only it can start back. It will happen again after that.

My PC spec:

Mobo: Asus P8Z68-V Pro
Processor: i7 2600
Memory: 12 GB Hyper X Kingston DDR3 1600Mhz, (3 slots 4GBx3)
Hdd: 2 Tera
CPU fan: default one come with processor
PSU: Silver Stone 500watt Power Supply
GPU:none, use motherboard gpu
Windows: Windows 2008 R2 (running Hyper-V for 5 VM consume almost 10GB ram)

need expert advice what is the problem or maybe I miss something when setup the PC.

Thanks and Have a nice day. :)
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  1. is this a new build or an older system.
    The first thing I notice is RAM. Try with just 1 or 2 stick of ram. The RAM configure is not typical of Sandybridge as well.
  2. new build..i already try with only 2 ram...still happen...i'll try with 1 ram after this..

    FYI, the RAM i bought is

    2x KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX

    What is the difference between this two RAM

    The RAM configure is not typical of Sandybridge as well.

    what you mean by this?..care to explain.. :)

    Thanks a lots
  3. the problem still happen even I only use 1 slot ram...IDK what to do anymore..mayb sell this one and get new DDR3 ram with lower frequency...:(

    Problem SOLVED after i change power supply to COoler Master 650W!!... :bounce: :bounce:
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