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Stream processor cores

I need help understanding product needs .. A 2y.o. e8400 Build is being replaced .. The reason is to improve finish 1080P Blu-ray movie back-ups Time - Speed .. To improve efficency A i7-950 build is near assembly stage .. Somebody states I'll do fine GT240 .. The reasoning is that video transcoding is a CPU assignment .. Lately , my understanding imagines that a GPU's Stream Processing Core count also plays a roll .. Seasoned responses needed or referral to a Video Transcoding Forum for Visibility .. I feel like a dog chasing It's tail ..
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  1. A core i7 950 and GT240 is plenty for watching Blu-ray movies, Watching Blu-Ray isn't very GPU intensive at all, don't worry about stream processors.
  2. He's not watching them, he's transcoding (fancy word for ripping?) them into digital back-up copies. Barring the obvious legal issues, what component actually performs the task depends entirely on the software used to do it. Some utilize the CPU, others the GPU.

    I'll say nothing more on the matter as it's unclear whether or not your intended actions are actually legal.
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    Ripping is the act of taking the stuff off the optical drive and putting it onto your harddrive. Raz is correct in that this is considered illegal. I am a firm believer in the fair use act and should be allowed to make back up copies. AFAIK this is no longer legal due to the digital millennium act. Perhaps in time we'll be able to do it again. If this is what he wants to do the thread can be closed now.

    Transcoding is the act of changing the format of a file thats already on your drive. After you rip your blu ray you might transcode it to something else so that it doesn't take so much space. Ripping is totally CPU dependent. Transcoding might be CPU or GPU dependent. It depends on what software your using.
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