M4a785-m motherboard acting wierd

about 2 or 3 weeks ago i upgraded my cpu to phenom ii x4 955 and everything was working fine until the other day when i bought a new case and put all the parts in it now when i turn on the computer it just sits at the motherboard screen saying press f1 to run setup f2 to load default settings to get it to boot to windows i have to hit f1 then just do save and exit and usually it boots up fine after but its starting to get annoying doing it everytime anyone know what the problem is
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  1. Werner123 is right.

    Go to the bios and reset it with default settings.
  2. when i first got the message i loaded the default settings it booted up fine but the next morning i turned it on it was still displaying the same message i heard something about the cmos battery could be the problem and seen a suggestion about leaving the computer on for 24 hours and sometimes it recharges the battery so ill try that out
  3. looks like thats what i may have to do as it keeps doing it only way i can get it to work is if i change a option then do save and exit any idea what i do if the battery cant be removed
  4. i have an old computer no longer in use if i take the cmos battery out of that motherboard do you think it will work
  5. Those batteries are available at most major supermarkets in the US, if you live there. They sometimes list them as "medical" batteries, so they may be near the pharmacy. I remember buying one from a PC shop for $10, thats too much they should be $3-4 a piece.
  6. well i finally switched the batteries and the 1 from the old computer seems to be working fine so thanks everyone for the help
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