Is this Rig Fine !

Hi Guys , i planed to go with this Rig , But i dont know if its Good enough for Gaming & has High Quality Hardwares & enough for eachother !

CPU: i5 760 @ 2.8Ghz ( i wont OC )
Mobo: GA P55A UD3
RAM: Kingmax 2x2Gb 1333Mhz DDR3( dont know what CL )

VGA:ATI 6870 1GB ( wont CF in future )
PSU: CoolerMaster Silent Pro M600 W
Case: its Normal Size case ( my previouse Case ) Gray Prosche Model !

So what do u think , which parts should changed , Please dont suggest me More expensive ones Because its max i can pay for Rig or Maybe i can get higher PSU only !

May u say if this mobo is Good too ? ( GA P55A USB3 )
i only play at 1440 Rez !
I wont OC anyparts !

May u see if this 2 parts can replace with previouse one & Work As good as them ?

CPU :Phenom 2 4x 965 BE ( no OC plan )
Mobo :ASUS - M4A88TD-M/USB3

if they wont work as good as Previouse ones then i just go for i5 & its mobo!
Important for me is to know if Those parts that ive choosed are good or not !
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  1. If you're on a pretty tight budget go for the AMD quad. You won't notice much of a difference in games going from an i5 to a 965 or 955 (especially if you're planning to stick to stock speeds).
  2. and if you only play at that resolution you can get a HD 6850.
  3. This is the build i am making for around the same budget.
    Amd x4 955 BE
    Asrock 870 extreme 3
    Amd HD 6870
    Corsair 750tx
    Gskill ripjaws 4 gb
    Samsung spinpoint F3 1TB
    Coolermaster Hyper 212+
    all in a CM Haf 932 case
    Hope this helps some.
  4. I will stick with Stock speed ( no OC plan ) , but i realy worry that Phenom may Bring lags on Heavy games Like ARMA 2 , ARMA 2 or GTA LIbertycity needs a Powerfull Quad Cores , are you sure that Phenom will handle them or should go for Intel if i will do such games ?
    can you Tell me how much difference is in My Condition ? 10% 5% ? how much ?
  5. As ANANDTECH says , i saw that i5 760 gets much higher FPS , it realy Make me to worry about it, i realy like phenom because it will make me to spend less money ! but if i dont get what i realy wanted then i Should pay more & get i5 760 !
  6. Phenom II X4 is very good. The 965 is almost on par with the 760 in gaming regardless of what Anand says (they use to select games that favor Intel).
  7. Can you Give me Benchmarks from Different Sites ? that i can compare them better ? i realy dont wanna Lose Huge thing , even little lag does Matter !
  8. I realy dont know how Good is Phenom II x4 ! first i saw that i5 760 is much better than Q9650 but as i compared phenom with Q9550 ( not even a Q9650 ) i saw that Q9550 is even beats the Phenom in Games or Some Programs ! i am afriad that i go get a Bad Product that wont work for Long time !

    and that's the slower 955 compared with high-end Intel CPUs.
  10. Only one URL ? give me more man ! Some sites may work for Intel & some may work for AMD ! give me PURE site that u have Full trust on it ! thanks

    then can you say if : PHENOM 965 BE wotn Bring me Unlocking trouble , because i wanna use Whole 4 Cores with no Problem ! just like i5 760 !
  11. Oh man , i cant believe it , ANADtech gave me so much Differente thing & now your Showing me Realy Strange thing ! 955 can beat i7 Monsters ??????????? REALY ? oh man i cant believe it , is it OCED or Stock Speed ?
  12. Here's another review for ya.
  13. Ya was answer of my LAST post ? can you answer my last Post with more details ? last post means previous post of Last Post ! hehe
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