[SOLVED]New build has high cpu temp

Build a hackintosh for the first time but it's at 50 celsius idle.

My build consists of
Core i5-760 (not over clocked, with stock fan and thermal paste)
Gigabyte-P55-USB3 rev 2 F8 Bios ( SMART Fan disabled)
Galaxy Gforce 9600 GT
CM Storm Scout Case
CM Extreme 600 W power supply
Corsair 4GB ram

Ambient temperature is 65 degrees fahrenheit.

I 'm seeing 50-55 celsius at browsing webpages, 60 when streaming videos., and 80-90 running starcraft2

Using Temperature Monitor as sensor.

I'm just suprirsed how hot it gets. Couldn't decide if the temperature sensor is off or my cpu fan is at low speed. When i checked fan speed at bios however it's at 1800 rpm. Or could i have done something wrong when i 'm setting up the cpu? Or i got a crappy cpu?

Thanks lot in advance!
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  1. I'd first guess your HSF isn't seated properly. Those pushpins can be tricky to get seated all the way, and you have to push them harder than one might think at first. If you pull off the right panel, you should be able to see the pins protruding, and you have to make sure both little ears on the pins are through the board and latched.
  2. Thanks for the great tip! I checked and 2 of my pins weren't all the way in. I got an cm hyper 212+ with ic diamond thermal paste. so i just installed that instead of fixing the pins of the stock fan and heat sink

    My temperature is down at 30 celsius!
  3. Sweet! Those little buggers have been a a major pain the ass for quite a few years now. You'll enjoy that 212, I hear it cools well.
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