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I'm using an Asus M3N HT Deluxe with a Phenom II X2 555BE, I have 2 9600XTs in SLI x16. The question is , is it possible to let the SLI cards handle the Graphics and the IGP to handle the Physx?
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  1. Ok someone else also seems to have asked this question but with no answer.....
  2. I do not believe this is possible.

    If you were to have a Hybrid SLi solution, with one video card in a system with an IGP in it, then maybe. But if you have two cards in SLi, I don't believe this is possible.
  3. Ok. So I finally went home and tried it myself.
    GPUZ is showing me all three, now, earlier it showed only the SLI cards.
    when I change the cards under the GPUZ tab it shows SLI Enabled for the 9600's but no PhysX only CUDA Direct Compute.
    When I change the tab from 9600's to 780a then is shows SLI disabled and PhysX on.
    So I have a feeling it will work, but I need to try out GRAW again to be sure.
    The Nvidia CP is giving me the markers for PhysX and SLI.
    Let's see what happens, I'll repost the data again here later this evening.
  4. Ok, I finally found my thread :) it did take me half an hour those to find this , so here are the pics for what results I got using a few standard info tools and benchmarking things.

    Yup and a little note with this whole thing is, the MCP temps are really high.....
    Am planning on re-seating the HS and applying better TP.
    Since my case is an HAF922 I don't think I need anymore fans in it.
  5. Ok Here are a few pics with it on and off.

  6. Ok, so now I decided to change things a little and have put in a 9500GT and dedicated it to the PhysX processor......
    Works like a charm...... :)
    Although I haven't been able to unlock the core on this Mobo I did manage to Unlock the same processor on the MSI 790FX-GD70 to 4 Cores and OC'd it to 4 GHz....

    Any clues on what do do to get it unlocked on the M3N-HT Deluxe?
    I have the latest Bios Installed and everything else is done too.....
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