3 monitors with an HD 5850 - 2x DVI and 1x DP

Hi there,

Finally got my HD 5850 working and trying to get 3 monitors to work:

- 2 monitors are going from DVI ports on the monitor to 2x DVI ports on the card
- 1 monitor is going from Displayport port on the monitor to Displayport port on the card

However, although Catalyst Contol Centre can see the third monitor (attached display, currently disabled) - it's not letting me enable it.

Does anyone know why?

I was under the assumption you could have 3 monitors should one be a DP connection? Any help appreciated! This is driving me nuts!
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  1. One monitor has to be a display port, the other two can either be 2X DVI or 1XDVI and 1XHDMI.
  2. Hi Dewey - thanks for replying.

    Yes, 2 of the monitors are DVI and 1 is Displayport - but CCC doesn't let me activate the third DP monitor?
  3. Silly question but is the DP monitor on when your try and activate it? Sometimes this makes a difference.
  4. It is -- when i switch the DP monitor on, the other 2 monitors flicker, too - then the DP monitor enters power save mode. I only seem to be able to activate 2 monitors at a time, but thought I could do 3 as I have 2 DVI and 1 DP!
  5. What are your system specs?
  6. Its a Core 2 Quad Core, 2.66 GHz, 4GB RAM with a CoolerMaster 750W...
  7. GPU?
  8. Ati Radeon HD 5850?
  9. You may have already figured this out but for other people reading this post, you will need an "active display port adapter" (not a regular display port adapter), these are powered through USB.


    They are $45 from Scorptec

    And as for the monitor flickering you may need to turn off your GPU overdrive in CCC under "performance", it worked for me on my 2 monitors and HD5850
  10. Exactly what TapperXCIV said. You need to have an active display port to DVI adapter for the third screen (regardless of whether you are using 2*DVI, 1*DVI + DP etc.). I use the Biz Link / Accel (re-branded depending on where you are from) powered active adapter and have had no issues (They seem to be the cheapest and work fine).

    Also keep in mind (you may already know this but many people look over it) in order for CCC to allow bezel compensation you must have 3 identical screens (brand, model, resolution) or flash the bios such that they are recognised as so.
  11. @TapperXCIV & Ninja Pants,
    The OP have a DP monitor so ideally he does not need an adaptor at all.

    To OP:
    What is the exact brand & model of your GPU? If it have more than one DP, did you try it too? Have to tried replacing the DP cable?
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